by Katya Lavrovskaya
12 октября 2016

An eagle eye on Fashion!

В конце сентября, в Милане, состоялось абсолютно новое мероприятие для индустрии моды, ставшее одних из важных и новых в формате Миланской недели моды - «Eye On Fashion».полностью

11 октября 2016

How we spent the last Fashion weeks between NYC - Milan - Paris

It has been a very intense fashion season, inspiring and full of new Spring colours as the real Spring should be. The weather in the Fashion capitals was splendid and warm - the fashion crowd did not have to be much convinced to wear airy summer cloths as well as the newest arrival from the upcoming season! Let us see what's coming in the Summer 2017 to die for!The first hottest news came from NYC where Gigi Hadid, a queen of the teen's hearts presented her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger with a revolutionary hashtag Tommynow that means basically no season - just a style - with a capsule collection made by Gigi!The fact that you can purchase the collection immediately after the show is not a news anymore but still makes you feel very cool immediately there!Right from the NYC to the Milan runway came the queen of the Gossip - Paris Hilton, who tried herself in the very last Milanese Fashion show of Philipp Plein.полностью



Milanio - Ткани Pret-a-Porter и Haute Couture