by Katya Lavrovskaya

Kate Lavrovskaya

I was born and educated in St. Petersburg, in the intellectual and artistic environment . Since I was small, I loved to write, was constantly dreaming to become a famous writer.

After I have graduated from the the st.Petersburg University of Foreign Languages ( Spanish andEnglish majoring), I decided to go abroad to explore the world.

I studied the history of cinema, as well as the art of screenplays writing in Rhodes College (Memphis TN)

In Paris, at the Institute of Pierre Berge, (IFM) I began to study the basics of fashion as a cultural and social phenomenon applicated to the real laws of economics.

Since 1999, I settled down in Milan, where I have graduated from the school of journalists and stylists in the fashion industry (IFC) and proceeded to achieve my long cherished dream , fashion journalism.

Since 2001 I am the official representative of the Dresscode Magazine and Fashion Collection Moscow a Milan, meanwhile continuing to write for various Russian publications: L'Officiel, Glamour, Collezioni, Rob Report and participating in different fashion projects of the Russian TV, VESTI

In 2010, I finally decided to write for myself in a small blog, summing up all my previous visual impressions and anticipating the new ones. My slightly ironic approach to the world of glamour is my own choice though. I believe that we have to take it all easy in Fashion!

In 2011 I decided to create a separate site along with my blog. I would like to travel around the world, take beautiful pictures and get closer to the world of art, cinema and fashion anywhere I am. Hope I can make it!

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Polina Shalaeva is a freelance photographer working in Milan, Italy and Saint Petersburg, Russia. She specializes in street style and fashion photography, portraits and reportage.