by Katya Lavrovskaya
10 July 2017

Mani Bambina

The Marni Bambina collection for Spring/Summer 2018 is a celebration of spontaneity and instinct, in a vivacious mix of shapes and colours, pictorial prints, bon ton and frivolity.
Sportswear is a continual source of inspiration, interpreted through fast and functional garments where sweatshirt fleece is the fabric of choice for trapeze dresses enriched with maxi floral decorations, outfits with graphic cuts and zipped bombers. The lightweight silk pinafore dresses in delicate pastel tones ensure romantic hints, playfully combined with a jersey t-shirt or a white poplin shirt with a masculine cut. The frill is the reoccurring decorative element that creates unexpected movement on a cotton jumper or poses as a touch of vanity on knit collars that complete the looks.

Яркие краски и принты в коллекции Марнидля детей отражают такой же живой интерес к жизни как во взрослых коллекциях. Дети точно также экспериментируют с фактурами и тканями, любят цвет и не боятся необычных сочетаний. А мы любим необычный любознательный подход к яркой детской жизни наших самых маленьких модников!


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