by Katya Lavrovskaya
23 January 2018

All about sexy Men or HELLO from 80's and 90's

Fashion is always coming back to its routs in permanent search of inspiration. perfect looks from the past still inspire very much the imagination. Once upon a time Man's fashion was classic and traditional without too much tempting or daring. Nowadays Man has a full right to be democratic and free in and out the office. In and out of his private or professional life. All is one and details are important. Have a look at the few looks from the past Man Fashion weeks to enjoy the sartorial touch, creativity, yet, a total freedom.

Angela Missoni pays a special tribute to a fancy NYC dandy for the 80"s, with all his creative artsy looks and allures and make as usual some of her strong statements. Sartorial touch is seen in reversible montone furs served as hampers, velvet couture pants - and creativity is seen from the bohemian scarfs, coats and hats. Amazing mix of lovely patterns as usual.

Dior Homme together with Kris Van Assche on the other side makes a perfect waving from the 90's with an incredible touch of freedom inspired by the labor shoes and street sneakers! Sartorial part with a democratic arts look seem perfect.

As for the shoes in general the bold bright sport shoes were trending from Gucci to Lanvin. Collaborations with Christian  Louboutin, Adidas and Nike are no wonder anymore. The most desirable objects of desire are Off-White or Y-3 

In other words, the less is more nowadays and we are happy about it!


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