by Katya Lavrovskaya
9 January 2012

Ristretto o decafeinato

There is only one place on earth where I can catch up with a famous and a very talented Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky, and this magic place is named MILANO.
Otherwise he is always on the move either shooting a new movie or promoting a new theatrical performance in different parts of the world. Once in a while his busy schedule brings him to Italy, and he never gets tired of expressing his profound passion towards this country.

We are sitting in a small cozy cafe and sipping strong ristretto. That immediatelly reminds me of another famous actor who is very much in love with Italy. (Mr. Clooney of course!). Danila Kozlovsky tells me his own story.

DK: I love this country, I love Milan. It was the first country where I came to as a member of our theater company.

I was born in Moscow, live St-Petersburg, but I really love Milan and I come back here as often as I can.

Generally speaking Italy has given me the first and the strongest impressions ever to experience – my first professional theatrical performance, my first film festival. Who could ever forget it?

KL: If I recall correctly, your public recognition first came to you in Italy as well.

DK : Yea, the audience in Milan was awesome! Then we went to Torino, Florence, Venice, Rome. But it was Tuscany that completely captured my imagination – I couldn’t sleep – emotions flooded me and filled me up with joy. I started seriously thinking about buying a house here.

KL: What kind of travel do you prefer- professional voyage or a personal adventure on your own?

DK: The most important thing in my life is my passport. I couldn’t live without it. Travelling is like a drugs addiction. Besides I love everything about it –airport restaurants, duty free shops, car rental companies. I love to plan my personal trips – bying tickets and booking hotels is already an adventure for me – you never know…

KL: Let’s come back to Italy, its history and your complicated charecter of Lorenzaccio by Albert Mussè. I know you love your Lorenzaccio. Is it because you almost never happen to play negative roles?

DK: Actually I don’t think Lorenzaccio is a simply negative character. He is much more complex. His idea was to assasinate a Florentine dictator of the 16th century and to become a legend. He had committed many dreadful sins in order to become the dictator’s closest friend, but he never became a legend. Instead, he was himself murdered and drawned in a stinky Venice canal. It is a powerfull drama and it was an incredible artistic experience for me.

KL: It is known that being a film director is never a liberal choice. How did you decide to be an actor?

DK: When I was taking my entrance exams to the theater academy I knew that I could never think of doing anything else. Only acting! I knew nothing about theater, rehersals, the Stanislavsky method. But I couldn’t think of another life for myslef other than a life of an actor. So I guess it was meant to happen.

KL: What do you think makes a talented actor better: being unhappily in love with one person or to be constantly looking for new love interests?

DK: I would never give a perfect recipe for that. When you choose to be an actor everything can play in your favor and yet be useless. You do need feelings and emotions for sure!

KL: Would you like to pursue a political carrier one day? Would you express your political views publicly if you were given a chance?

DK: In my profession I have a chance to express my political views through my characters. It doesn’t mean though that what is happening in my country doesn’t bother me, it does. I will always be supporting honest elections in Russia, but it doesn’t mean that I have to choose any political party.

KL: Let us talk about fashion. My blog is about styles and brands. Would you mind telling me about your style?

DK: I have no recipe for style, but I prefer people dressed simply and with elegance . My personal icons of style are Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. I loved Barak Obama’s look during his inauguration. I love Ralph Lauren’s and Tombolino’s style, Armani is great for men’s wear. I hate feminine influence in men’s fashion. Please leave it to women! A man has to look like a man!

As for me,Katya Lavrovskaya, aftert his nice talk about life and style with Danila Kozlovsky, me too I am hoping to see a perfect display of Milan’s elegance during the Man’s Fashion shows in a few weeks. See you there!

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