by Katya Lavrovskaya
21 January 2012

Berlin Fashion week

I just came back from Berlin, the city you may like or dislike but it just burns with all kind of fevers: artistic, erotic and fashionable. Good energy as you go on exploring more.

The Berlin Fashion week is short - only three days, but they are fully packed with shows and appointments. The collections are or very practical ready to wear, or pretty much sexy and liberal. You may not deny that fashion has all rights here, as Hugo Boss and Escada are at home.

Still you may see nostalgic and very pin up collection like Lena Hoschek and off scene pin up girls, guests and clients I suppose. Then there was a very ladylike Schumacher show with every kind of the beautiful color in the feminine collection. Laurèl is classy and beautiful. There was a nice plunge into the Haute Couture of Guido Maria Kretschmer. And there was a live performance at a monochrome and cool show of Kilian Kerner.

Besides, everywhere I went I took short snaps on people - in the end they make you think about the city and it's vibe.



It's nice to walk around the city in-between the shows and the parties even if it's freezing, glentwien will warm you up


Jelal in Cookies

Volker Boehm at Cookies

And after you have crossed this line dividing West and East, there are no more regrets about the last night naughty))))

Galina and Astrid

Harald Gloockler

Kilian Kerner and his show


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