by Katya Lavrovskaya
2 April 2012

Le Glamour de Moskva - Fashion week and all about it.

I will not say too much about Moscow, I guess my pictures will talk by themselves. They will tell you the Moscow Fashion story. I will just mention that everything is possible in this big Megapolis. It's just like in  a movie - subjects and objects are not indifferent to each other, they just display a strange scene of a totally new art - The Art of Moscow Living!


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horoshie fotografii! Zal tolko chto ne podpisani, t.k. ostavshimsja v Milane ne vse personagi i meroprijatia izvestni... Zato raduet kolichestvo znakomih liz, napitkov i chernoi ikri!!!!!!!! Molodez Moskva!!!!!!!
02.04.2012 22:49