by Katya Lavrovskaya
4 April 2012

Код личного счастья

Сапсан словно ветер домчал меня из Петербурга в Москву на встречу с Олегом Роем. Я взяла такси, произнесла незнакомый мне адрес башня "Федерация". И только когда сверхскоростной лифт вознес меня практически на небо, хотя на самом деле всего-то на 65 этаж, я вдруг ощутила себя героиней одного из романов Роя!
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6 March 2012

German extraterrestrial in the Kingdom of French Couture

Tilmann Grawe has invited me to have an afternoon Kir Royal at Park Hayatt in Paris, a beautiful hotel next to place Vendome. The most interesting about this hotel is that there is a huge portrait in the lobby,  where Tilmann and other two French guys are looking at you with a slight sense of superiority.
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9 January 2012

Ristretto o decafeinato

There is only one place on earth where I can catch up with a famous and a very talented Russian actor Danila Kozlovsky, and this magic place is named MILANO.Otherwise he is always on the move either shooting a new movie or promoting a new theatrical performance in different parts of the world. Once in a while his busy schedule brings him to Italy, and he never gets tired of expressing his profound passion towards this country.
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27 December 2011

Danila Kozlovskiy

Right before the New Year Eve a famous and very talented Russian actor Danila Kozlovskiy presented me with a gift - he found time in his tough schedule and agreed to talk about "Life and Fate" - to be continued...

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