by Katya Lavrovskaya
28 June 2012

Somewhere man!

A dreamer, a traveller, a young boy, a perfect dandy - this season a Man is from somewhere, where the dreams may or may not come true. We all dream about a perfect person, but usually it may be seen only on stage. That is why stage and dream come so often to our life, and now to Fashion too. This summer Milan Fashion week is featuring two most desirable Hollywood dreamers: Ed Westwick and Stephen Dorff.
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16 January 2012

Milan for men, day two

Today I have decided to see my two favorite big and important brands BOTTEGA VENETA and PRADAThe first, BOTTEGA VENETA  was early in the freezing morning, far from the Milan center. But I still loved every moment of it. The organizers warmed us up with the hot coffee and fresh pastries and then the show started.
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