by Katya Lavrovskaya
2 October 2017

Milan Fashion week - best moments and memorable shows!

cMilan has been a revelation this Fashion week. The Glamour and Beautiful life are back in the city of World's Mode! Starring the new rising glory - Kaia Gerber at every Podium and her Gorgeous Mom, Cindy Crawford at Versace along with the most beloved TOP models of Gianni, and ending up with a Green Carpet Award, hold by the Camera Nazionale della Moda and Livia Firth as a beautiful ending Gala event at La Scala.
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25 July 2015

The Summer is Magic!!

This post is dedicated to vacation or better say, to Lavender miracle that is so difficult to find like all real miracles. Like in a Russian fairytale, you should go far far away, where you, sincerely ignore, but at the end you find a Miracle, the Lavender fields, so gorgeous to picture. It's all about France, Provence, the small hidden place called Sault.
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18 January 2014

Man Fashion week. All about Man style and Beauty! Fall/Winter 2014-15

It was a very Hot Winter season in Milan this year! The best Fashion brands tried to compete who will make more effect on sophisticated public. There was a laser show at Versace with lots of bling bling boys in a rock'n'roll kinda biker style. Leather jackets, helms and golden buttons together with strapped jeans, showing us a privileged back - all of that marked the first Fashion day.
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26 February 2012

Milan Fashion week. A Portrait Gallery

These people are in Fashion, they are making Fashion, in a certain way they become trendsetters for the rest of the world. You might agree or disagree but we may not deny their contemporary importance for the Fashion industry. Margherita Missoni and Darya Zhukova at Missoni show Ulyana Sergeenko before Jil Sander show Elena Sotnikova (Elle) and Julia Bordovskix (Bosco) at Jil Sander Bubble.
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