by Katya Lavrovskaya
11 March 2016

Paris by day! Part One! PFW 2016/17 in details and images! To be continued.....

What does it mean - Paris by day! It means when it-s still shining or raining or even snowing, Paris is extremely busy during the Fashion week! One show follows another and we can hardly follow up, especially when Gaia Ripossi makes her very special presentation in the private jet airport spot in a Gagosyan Art Gallery!
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4 July 2013

My lovely Paris. Man Fashion week

The pursuit of the Man's style is something really amazing - as it lays out there behind creativeness and prettiness of the girlish baby dolls game or even behind the solemn beauty of Haute Couture.Now when the Man Fashion shows are over, I still nostalgically replay the best moments of this impeccable style that gathered us all together in Florence, Milan and Paris to have a view of what the real Man and his everyday outfits are.
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19 February 2013

Журнал Grazia. БЛОГ НЕДЕЛИ: Катя Лавровская

После возвращения с Недели высокой моды в Париже прошло уже достаточно много времени, но я все еще изучаю то, что мне показалось по-настоящему свежим трендом: на лучшие подиумы мира и в нашу жизнь возвращается эпоха неоромантизма, пришедшая на смену эре потребительского эпатажа.
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31 January 2013

Paris Haute Couture. Irresistible Beauty of the Grande Charm

It is my pleasure to show you the best moments of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion shows. The irresistible beauty of the creations, the fragile tenderness, the impeccable style, the nostalgic and charming shades of the Grande CoutureНе могу не поделиться своими лучшими впечатлениями от только что завершившейся недели Высокой Моды в Париже.
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14 January 2012

VALENTINO show in Florence

Florence is a beautiful old city, charming and sweet, for this reason or another everything is more home style here, yet, luxurious old style. When money is old, everything's got the style.I believe, that was the reason why Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have chosen an amazing location of Palazzo Corsini long river Arno, where the scretched beauty of the palace was married to the modern technology.
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