by Katya Lavrovskaya
8 июня 2013

Hong Kong Art Basel

So many Art Fairs in May, so many different destinations to choose, but there was one, that I was still missing and Hong Kong, the independent state of the Chinese Republic was just perfect for a nice escape.

Hong Kong gained its independence from Great Britain in 1997 but almost immediately became a state under the political protection of China. The most british of the Asian cities is a great Megapolis with hundreds of Art Galleries like Lary Gagosyan's, White Cube, Simon Lee Gallery, Sotheby's and many more. No wonder the city of Hong Kong has been chosen for the Art Space dedicated to the biggest Art event like Art Basel, presenting as much of the Asian Art as one can imagine.

Starting from this duck for example. This 16 mt height baby toy had a great impact on the crowd. I could hardly get thru people taking pictures of this Art Object.

The inside Art Fair objects were absolutely amazing. This installation for example is called "Accommodating the Epic Dispersion - On Non cathartic Volume of Dispersion" by Haegue Yang
Can you repeat it?

Yayoi Kusama's flower eye

Yu Hong  "Wrestling 4" for ( Peace Labor and Communist party I suppose)

These sweet images were made by the Chinese artists of the Beijing area with a local sand.

Natasha in Mandarin. Room with a view

 These Artists from China Cai Yuan and Jian Jun Xi  invited me to the famous Shanghai Tang to present their Art work The making of the World. Here with the owner of the 10 Chancery Lane, Katie di Tilly
This is an anti-globbalisation globe. The Art Work "The making of the World"

And this is my personal work realized on the Tequilla bottle to memorize our presence at Hong Kong

Madeln Company - Play - The art object dedicated to the most hidden sexual desires

Atul Bhalla - Two chairs in Johannesburg

Chinese Monte Carlo

Famous David Tang's China Club private collection!
You should not miss this club once you are in Hong Kong. The atmosphere, the live music band, the pictures on the wall - it's an unforgettable experience

China's Club library

 China's Club bathroom

 China's Club band!
 China's Club impressive Art Collection

Yayoi Kusama's Flower

Interactive Japanese Art Installation

Martin Maning in Nanzuka Gallery, Japan

With this official Portrait in Red by Yan Pei Ming I will end up my survey about the foggiest British city in Asia

The Russian version about Art Basel you may find in


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