by Katya Lavrovskaya
26 января 2014

Paris Haute Couture! Best moments and dream dresses. Spring - Summer 2015

As I promised I am coming up with the new post about the Paris Haute Couture new season with I found extremly exciting. Spring season always brings the new flower blossoming, so did the Haute Couture designers: they have shown us the best of their craftsmanship: best dresses, best accessories, best jewelry ever, and almost all - in the name of the Spring season. There were kilometers of taffetas, silk and embroidery used to create all this endless beauty. And I can't help but giving a special compliment to our Russian designers, Ulyana Sergeenko and Julia Yanina, that added their absolutely lovely collections to the whole theatrical performance of Fashion under the name of Haute Couture.

Please have a look at my own selection of the best moments during this fabulous week.

Giambattista Valli's fabulous set

Giambattista Valli show

Giambattista Valli

Meet the new Brigitte Bardot of the French cinema - Solene Hebert

Frol Burimskiy and Ulyana Sergeenko at Giambattista Valli show

backstage at Versaace

Make-up at Versace

Peter Marino and friends

Haled Jamil (Jamilco company) with his daughter at Versace

German Larkin and Cameron Silver

Edward Eningful and Stefano Tonchi (W magazine)

Antonio Vacarello

Beautiful Sandra Melnichenko at Versace

Karlie Kloss at Versace

And finally Lady Gaga wearing Versace, with Donatella

I am waiting for the last model to come at the Versace backstage

Here she is, Maria, the last runaway model from Versace

 Now let me share with you some of the most beautiful models from Ulyana Sergeenko Fashion show

Frol Burimskiy, inspecting the show

Sandra Melnichenko, wearing Ulyana's dress

Inga Kozel, a beautiful British Muse

Some details from the Ulyana's show

It was an Orient express train, bring us from Paris across Europe back to the Russian Asian vestment traditions

The next photo is taken from a beautiful bride by Julia Yanina Fashion show

The last day was dedicated to Valentino and everybody who really is in love with this beautiful brand

Natalia Zinko, Sara Bravojovic, Asija Mxitarijan, Natalia Alaverdyan, Katya Muxina, Hatulja(Babochka)

Valentino models after the show

Olga Kurilenko


After the Valentino show wearing Irina Tanzurina dress and a vintage hat

Tanja Djagileva

Zuhair Murad dream speechless dress

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