by Katya Lavrovskaya
27 ноября 2011

Home Couture show by Tanja Kotegova. Collection

In the center of our attention is therefore an absolute Woman with her incredible feminine look. She wears long misterious dresses, old style evening gawns with rich embroidery, elegant gloves and skin colored collants. Flat shoes for a day wear and high heels for the evening venues. Soft and warm silk is to wear in Winter time because it warms body and soul, presious wool and cashemere are combined with antique bottons and and rich decorative elements. Huge belts and soft draping materials are due to the Oriental inspiration Kotegova draw during her Middle-East travellings. And above all - a very wise advise of the designer to keep our Femenine sensuality, forgetting once in a while about the frenatic rithm of a big city.

Amazing are the details of the dresses, those nice small secrets, that make us special

I express my special admiration to Tanja Kotegova for this inspiring, totally beautiful display of style and beauty!

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