by Katya Lavrovskaya
29 июля 2018

A New Man! From Florence to Paris - a new gentlemen\'s style

There was a new fresh wave of man styling this year in Florence and Paris. New names, new faces and new creative directors, as Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton. Never ever before the biggest luggage brand had nominated African Art Director at his prestigious Man collections. Earlier this summer Virgil has blown up the young public with his own brand OFF-WHITE and in both shows has proved that multi ethnicity is a new vision of the world.

Previous again a new born star most famous for wonderful music, Heron Preston has debuted with his collection that somehow echoed with the mainstream: young, free spirited and multiethnic. The most important part of it let's say, would be a full immersion into the young culture with their desire to use the new industrial materials and accessories:

Heron Preston with Bella Hadid

New brand by Heron Preston

The same style for young and free is perfectly seen in another new brand performed in Florence -MCM

Same LOGO mania, same synthetic materials usually used in industrial purposes. Bright colours, free spirit. We are happy to welcome the new talented designer and please do not miss out the new film of Heron Preston "Above the Clouds at


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