by Katya Lavrovskaya
27 ноября 2018

From the Sheets to the streets!

It's not a secret anymore that Restless partygoers nowadays try to minimise the efforts to dress up. Infact, there is a new tendency to dress down or not to dress at all. The latest news is that you can fashionably go undressed to any party due to the new trend - walk in pyjama! And it will not be a Pyjama party, but just your most chic attire

Get dressed as if you have never got out of bed! Restless sleepers is your new guide to a beautiful party world!

Look how effortlessly look the founder of the ATTICO, Giorgia Tordini in their first pyjama's sailed dresses form home to a party!

Get the Christmas party look with your pyjama style and as for me -  I will definitely stay in bed for the holidays!


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