by Katya Lavrovskaya
24 сентября 2011

Spring-Summer 2012 in Milan for women and not only for them

Here we go again with a new season for those who can't wait for a new summer to come! I bet! It might be quite nice here in Milan, but Moscow...brrr, we want to wear our stilettos again! Or better, as Prada suggested, some of the new shape Plato! This is even more convenient if you think about it, especially in Milan, with its famose cablestones!
The first to show in Milan this time is Gucci with its fabulous 80-s look, like cruis to Dallas or something

The waist is hight, the jacket is short, the pants are loose, this look is for a new business woman, who prefers her late nites - in shine glittering very transparent dress....

More news are coming!


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