by Katya Lavrovskaya
16 января 2012

Milan for men, day two

Today I have decided to see my two favorite big and important brands BOTTEGA VENETA and PRADA

The first, BOTTEGA VENETA  was early in the freezing morning, far from the Milan center. But I still loved every moment of it. The organizers warmed us up with the hot coffee and fresh pastries and then the show started.
I was a little bit surprised by the high heels the models were wearing, but the overall impression was totally positive. The new shapes are laconic and stiff, the mix of materials is warm and beautiful: leather with wool and denim.


The second one, PRADA, was displayed in via Fogazzaro, as usual, at "home", and  was totally exciting. Laconic and neat as it was, it created a new powerful and anti-utopic version of 1984 in my immagination.





The well expected news was the Hollywood parade at the catwalk: Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Adrien Brody were only some just to mention, wearing with a such an innative elegance the PRADA's newest creations. For you to judge!


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Alexey Kapuro
Gary Oldman looks perfect
17.01.2012 21:31