by Katya Lavrovskaya
20 августа 2012

Aruba - Rumba-Mamba! First week of sun&music festival!

Buenos días del paradiso! La isla bonita de los piratos e caballeros!

It is an amazing island with Dutch&Spanish culture peacefully mingled together. Three languages spoken easily as one, Venezuela&Miami&Holland are the most frequent flights with all possible other nationalities hanging out altogether. Local reggae is mixed with salsa, and Arubian MahiMahi with Argentine steak! You can sail to the Sunset with Rumba and watch the drawn German battleship with all kinds of fish and turtle.  It's a natural paradise with a very active nightlife though. Music&sun - what else may you desire?

Sailing boat for fishing&snorkling


A hunting pelican

This Wifi connection is just bad! Very bad!

Mai Tai on RUMBA!

Capitain's speaking!

And me - drinking!

The best night spot in the city

Boston's brother&sister

Gusto's best coctail maker

The queen of Salsa!

He is scary, I know, and he loves to sing as well. A performer from Chicago! O my!

Girls from Venezuela are cute! They are just like us: champagne&karaoke - best friends!

Barattenders from Confession club

Nice beach spot

Live reggae music

Local inhabitants

And guests

And more guests

Salt&peper breakfast spot

Still no wifi

A gate to a paradise

Bucuti' new publicity pic (made by me)

Oranjestad center

That's our room view in BUCUTI


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Great place! Nice pictures! Wanna be there!
23.08.2012 16:13
Michel van Lier
Not a lot to add to Bart\'s comments.
Wish I was still in Aruba.
The two of you enjoy the rest of tour stay.

Michel x
22.08.2012 11:36
Bart van Loon
Pfff, seeing the pictures and while reading your comments I miss Aruba even more. Thanks again for the great, but far to short time we have spent. Regards, Bart
22.08.2012 08:58