by Katya Lavrovskaya
18 января 2014

Man Fashion week. All about Man style and Beauty! Fall/Winter 2014-15

It was a very Hot Winter season in Milan this year! The best Fashion brands tried to compete who will make more effect on sophisticated public. There was a laser show at Versace with lots of bling bling boys in a rock'n'roll kinda biker style. Leather jackets, helms and golden buttons together with strapped jeans, showing us a privileged back - all of that marked the first Fashion day.
21 февраля 2013

Milan Woman Fall/Winter13/14 Fashion week, day 1

Here are some images from the cold Milan Fashion week. The dark GUCCI show, the classy N21 made by the irresistible Alessandro dell'Acqua and yet many days of beauty and style to come!GUCCI showThe year of the SnakeN21 BackstageClassy bagN21 Final look
23 февраля 2012

Milan Fashion week, first two days

Marcelo at Elisabetta Franchi partyVilla ValsecchiElisabetta Franchi collectionGucciGucciAleck WeckBryan Yambao at Alberta FerrettiAlberta FerrettiN21N21N21Backstage N21OxanaFENDIFendiFendiFendiKriziaKriziaKriziakriziaДобавьте подписьAt PradaAt PradaPrada purple carperBloggers snapping bloggers!
17 января 2012

Milan for men, day 3&4. Boys and Toys

The last two days, actually, one and a half, since today's Giorgio Armani was a final show for me, brought a lot of fresh and nice air in the man's fashion world. We saw a classic display of the prèt-à-porter from GUCCI, we enjoyed the exotic touch of ETRO, I was also pleasantly surprised by the impeccable touch of the DIRK BIKKEMBERGS slightly military collection.